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DISCLAIMER! Squash Tomato was built for moms (or mums), dads, and the setters of budgets!

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Moms and Dads

As a parent, my most crucial responsibility is putting a roof over my family's head and food on the table, so don't let food be a worry anymore.

stress free grocery shopping

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Budget Setters

The key to being financially wealthy is knowing where your 💰 is going. It also helps not to spend too much…

Save while grocery shopping

Benefits of Squash Tomato


  • You can't lose or forget this list.
  • You'll always know how close you are to your budget.
  • You can access your list from anywere.


  • You'll always know what your groceries will cost before you get to the register.
  • You'll always know you've reached your budget before finding out at checkout.
  • You'll never be embarrassed by having to put something back.

Less stress

  • You don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your list.
  • You can quickly add items to your list using what's always close (pssst! your phone).
  • You can always read this list, no matter how fast you type it.
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Simple, straightforward pricing!

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  • Perfect for individuals
  • Full control over your grocery list
  • Unforgettable and impossible to misplace
  • Save time and stress
  • * No access to family features
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  • Add up to 4 additional family members
  • Family members can suggest items to add to your list
  • Sort your grocery list to get in and out quicker
  • * All the features from the Single option